Vegi Feel Protein Vegan AuVstrich 250g Galss

Vegi Feel Protein Vegan AuVstrich 250g Galss
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Vegi Feel Protein Vegan AuVstrich 250g Galss

  • chocolate-creamy spread with hazelnuts
  • without palm oil
  • 23 % protein content
  • 100 % vegan
  • no added sugar*
  • guaranteed to be free of animal ingredients
  • without gluten, lactose and preservatives
  • soy-free
  • with reduced fat cocoa powder
  • Low Carb**
  • Low in sugar
  • V-label certified

The protein spread “AuVstrich” from VegiFEEL is not only a delicious chocolate hazelnut cream for the bread. Thanks to carefully selected and coordinated ingredients, the Protein AuVstrich is convincing all along the line. Faithful to the philosophy of VegiFEEL, the Protein AuVstrich is without animal ingredients and preservatives. Among other things the product is also free from lactose and gluten. In addition, VegiFEEL consciously renounce from the use of palm oil, which is contained in many other chocolate spreads. Compared to other chocolate creams, the Protein AuVstrich is completely without added sugar, because the raw material contains natural occurring sugars.

* contains natural occurring sugars 
** reduced carbohydrate content (on average 40 % less carbohydrates than commercial chocolate spreads)